Reed A. Cartwright, Assistant Professor and PI

Dr. Cartwright (PhD Genetics, University of Georgia) studies a variety of questions in computational evolutionary genetics. He is part of the Genomics, Evolution, and Bioinformatics Faculty in the School of Life Sciences and the Center for Personalized Diagnostics in the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. Dr. Cartwright's graduate work was in theoretical population genetics, and his postdoc research was in molecular evolution and bioinformatics. Currently, he is primarily interested in developing statistical models to estimate evolutionary process from large, genomic datasets.

Contact: @MinionLabCVWebsiteScholarGitHub

Joanna Malukiewicz, Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Malukiewicz (PhD Biology, Arizona State University) is a population geneticist focusing on primates. She is currently developing Brazilian marmosets into a study system to understand hybridization in primates. Her research in the Cartwright lab involves developing software to detect mutations from Tetrahymena thermophila mutation accumulation experiments. She is also working on identifying genes related to the evolution of mammary tissue in humans.

Contact: @arcovaGitHub

Adam Orr, PhD Student

Mr. Orr (BS Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology and BS Mathematics, Arizona State Universtity) is a PhD student in Molecular and Cellular Biology. He uses phylogenomic methods to study somatic mutation patterns in eucalypts. He is currently developing methods to understand the error paterns in genomic datasets and estimate sequencing quality.

Contact: @AdamJOrrGitHub

Zach Mertens, Assoc Scientific Software Eng

Mr. Mertens develops bioinformatic tools and is currently working on improving performance and troubleshooting issues in DAWG and SISRS.

Contact: GitHub

Anders Pitman, Asst Scientific Software Eng

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Abigail Howell, SOLUR Scholar

Ms. Howell is a third-year Biomedical Science major. She is studying mutations in ciliates and the compression of genomic datasets. Her goal is to pursue graduate studies, studying protein expression of rats during declarative memory. Abigail also leads the education outreach group Science Is Fun at ASU to share her research with the community and encourage young women to purse STEM careers.


Juan Jose Garcia Mesa, Student Programmer


Lexi Townley, Student Researcher


Shelby Prestwich, Student Outreach Coordinator


Lab Alumni

Rachel S. Schwartz, Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island

Former Postdoc

Contact: @rachelssWebsiteGitHub

David J. Winter, Postdoctoral Fellow, Massey University

Former Postdoc

Contact: @TheAtavismWebsiteScholarGitHub

Christian Sievert, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of M√ľnster

Former Postdoc


Steven Wu, Bioinformatics Scientist, BioConsortia, Inc

Former Postdoc

Contact: ScholarGitHub

Tara Furstenau, Postdoctoral Scholar, Northern Arizona University

Former PhD Student

Contact: @tara_furstenauWebsiteGitHub

Nathan Palmer, PhD Student, Quantative Biology, UC San Diego

Former Honors Student

Dominic Nicacio, Medical Student, University of Washington, Seattle

Former Undergrad Researcher

Diana Arroyo, Medical Student, Ponce Health Sciences University

Former Honors Student

Ben Roos, Software Engineer, Apple

Former Honors Student

Alexandra Merry, Product Specialist, PING

Former Honors Student

Jessica Albanese, Medical Student, Univesity of Nevada, Reno

Former Honors Student

Akash Khare, Engineer, Schneider Electric

Former Honors Student

Melissa Ip, Undergraduate Student

Former Undergrad Researcher

Emily Thompson, Undergraduate Student

Former Student Outreach Coordinator

Patrick Smith, Business Analyst, Epiq Systems

Former PREP Scholar

Kael Dai, Programmer, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Former Programmer