Undergrad Research: BIO 492, 493, & 495

Half of my teaching is related to supervising undergraduate and graduate researchers in my lab. This includes students working for pay, honors theses, course credit, or volunteering. I believe strongly in mentoring undergraduate research and am usually looking for qualified minions.

Undergraduates who join my lab typically spend a semester learning to program in Python before jumping into their research. Research in the lab also uses C/C++, R, Bash, Javascript, Ruby, and Perl languages. Students typically have their own independent projects, so they can work at their own pace.

General Genetics: BIO 340

I co-teach BIO 340 every Fall semester. Since genetics (along with evolution) serves as a foundation to most areas of modern biology, BIO 340 is treated as the third course in the intro series for life science majors.

In my lectures, I cover transmission and evolutionary genetics. My co-instructor covers molecular genetics.

BIO 340 is an hard course for most students and demands a lot of work on the part of students to stay on top of the material. We provide you a lot of resources to succeed, but you must take advantage of them in a timely fashion. For many students, this is their first 300-level class and their first experience at being challenged to analyze novel scientific problems.